Tandem Paraglide

We want you to experience the freedom, the thrill, and the serenity of flying with us over such an amazing place! As a first-time flyer you will be securely attached to your instructor so you can “just” kick back and enjoy the ride on a tandem Paraglide. A tandem paraglide flight is a fun and personal way to see this area. Our views are more than spectacular, the history is amazing just ask our knowledgeable staff. Once we launch into flight, take a deep breath, look around, and learn why we are drawn to human flight! You will experience the rush and the serenity that only unpowered flight gives you! After your launch, smile for the camera, and enjoy your glide back to Earth together. Let your instructor know if you want to fly fast or slow, we’ll customize your flight just for you!


Speedflying is the fastest growing “extreme” sport in the world. This sport developed from the high demand from paragliders and skydivers to go bigger, steeper and faster! Lets not sugar coat it.. this sport is dangerous! But with the proper training, guidance and decision making skills, you could take this sport into the backcountry, on coastal cliffs and into the late years of your life! The first speedflying wing was developed in 2006 and new designs, concepts and procedures have been evolving rapidly ever since! We only fly the worlds best wings “Ozone” and “Swing”! The leaders in speedfly technology and advancements in this wonderful sport!