Paramotoring (also known as Powered Paragliding) is the most compact, affordable, and easiest form of motorized flight. If you want to truly feel the freedom of flying around lakes, mountains, rivers and prairies… there is no better place than Paramotor Chelan! We are the only established paramotor school in Washington state. You can learn this amazing new flying sport in as little as 7-10 days!

Our Instructors are highly trained and certified ASC and USPPA Instructors.

Limited classes available! Enroll now for the Introduction to Flight Course. What sets us apart from other paramotor schools? Our exclusive private flight park! Start by mastering unpowered flight before transitioning to motorized flight. It’s the ultimate, safest learning experience!

Introduction to Flight course: $800

Motorized Paramotor course: $2,700

Full Equipment and Course Package: Save $1,000
We fly “Scout” and “ParaJet” Paramotors – the world’s leaders in paramotors. Once you take the entire course with us, you get free continued instruction for life! A full paramotor set up ranges from $9,000 – $13,000. Call 509-881-0687 or email info@paraglidechelan.com for more information.