The #1 flight park in the USA!

Our Private Paraglide and Speedfly flight park is off the hook! We have six launch sites ranging from 550ft to 1,500ft. These launch sites are also sand or pristine high-quality turf! For the hike and fly enthusiasts, you can hike to the top of Deer Mountain with numerous launch areas on the way with a 2,400ft flight from the summit. When the river is low, we have beach landings with a mowed grass landing area and swoop lanes. We have two shuttle vans and a 6-seat side by side for shuttle service along with the occasional Helicopter… need we say more?

Chelan Flight/Bike Park

We have the most accessible flight park in the Northwest! The property is overlooking the Columbia River on the east side of Deer Mountain, just four miles outside the town of Chelan and 0.25mi from the Chelan Airport. We have a SE and NE launch at 550ft (Airport Ridge and Boer’s beach), a SE and NE launches at 900ft (Pirates and Da’ Plank) and a NE, E and SE launch at 1,500ft (X peak, FYIG Chute and Bam Bam’s). All of which are hike and fly or a 10-15min shuttle. A trail is continually being built to continue to the top of Deer Mountain at 2,500ft with numerous launch sites.

There are plans to add camp sites, bike trails and more!

All that is required to fly the sites is an annual airspace and site briefing with Paraglide Chelan ($50) and a USHPA or ASC license or foreign equivalent. This site is remarkably close to the airport, and we have been working with the local aviation community and the FAA to ensure this will be a safe and controlled flying environment for all aviators. Knowing the flight rules and communication requirements is paramount!

Become a Member

In order to gain a membership, you must:

  • Complete our waiver of liability
  • Get a site briefing on our three launch areas
  • Take a knowledge test of not only flight rules and regulations, but also how to operate and communicate on aircraft radios. (We fly in approach and departure patterns for an airport… this is mandatory!)
  • All flights MUST have someone in the air or on the ground with communication with all pilots and aircraft!
  • Pay the dues to help maintain the site.

We’re working to build this area into the most user-friendly flying site in the NW! We operate a shuttle service on the weekends and by appointment during the week. We will be working with “The Chelan Flyers Club” to offer Butte service, clinics, events and pilot lodging.

For more information, please email or call 509-881-0687